Directory Opus Coupon

Yes, Directory Opus is priceless… But we all love a deal!
Luckily, the wonderful Opus Team has made a generous offer that allows visitors to this unofficial Directory Opus manual to get their Opus licenses at a reduced cost.

As I understand it, the discount applies to any order of single or multiple licenses for Directory Opus. It does not apply to add-ons such as USB licenses and SFTP, and the company does not offer such discounts.

The discount code should automatically appear in the order form, but in case it isn't,
the discount code is LN111117DC.

What Does a License Get You?

The Directory Opus license is generous in several ways.

First, the single license allows you to install Opus on one computer plus one laptop. I buy a double license, because I also install Opus on my lady friend's laptop. She's a non-geek, but she loves it. It makes her work easier, and it also makes my work easier when I maintain her machine.

Second, over the course of a version, the Opus team makes countless improvements to the program, which you can install through free updates. These are really valuable. For instance, between Directory Opus 9 and 10, four years went by. In Adobe terms, this would be the equivalent to the difference between CS3 and CS5.5.

I stay on top of the updates, and when something grabs my attention, I install it in my toolbars. Once I'm confident I've got it in the right place, and when I have made enough changes, I release the new toolbars and announce them on this thread on the Opus forum. If you subscribe to it, you will know when new toolbars are available.

Once again, I hope you get as much pleasure out of Opus as I do—and that it turbo-charges your work flow.



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